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Once again, East Liverpool has made the headlines; this time in the New York Times.  Congratulations are in order for American Mug and Stein and their efforts to go out and make something happen, for themselves, their employees and this area.  I hope they find continued success in the future… and keep it here in the Tri-State area.

The company seems to have found a way to compete with their low-cost competition by producing a superior product and deliver it faster - all at an affordable price.  They found a vendor in Starbucks willing to look past the buy-it-for-less mentality and considered the intangibles like quality, logistics and loyalty first.

We have seen this scenario take place in funeral service as well.  It is no secret that caskets can be made for less in China and delivered to our door-step.  If it came down to a decision based on price alone, we would all be in the import business.  However, there are other factors to consider and we continue to believe that those factors give us value when we offer caskets from an American company.

What we do at the Dawson Funeral Home is a little different because we tend to focus on the service we provide, not a product.  Locally, we are faced with others willing to do something for less.  I have always taken the path that we should be raising the standard – not lowering the expectations.  Regardless, there seems to always be someone willing to perform a service for less.

When purchasing a product, or commodity, everyone wants to pay less and get more.  This is why Best Buy is struggling to sell its merchandise from its stores.  Consumers shop at the “big box stores” where they can see, touch, feel and use everything on display but then rely on an online retailer to make the final purchase.  Who blames them – the same product can be purchased for less.

Service is different.  Sometimes when it comes to shopping for a service, you really do get what you pay for.  It becomes more difficult to make a comparison and know that you are getting the same value and comparing apples to apples; everybody provides a service at a different level.  Sometimes, when selecting a lower cost provider, it is possible to spend more money or get less in return than if you used the superior provider.  Did you have to absorb some costs yourself? Were some aspects of the service not done right and need to be corrected at a cost? Was the service conducted at a lower expectation?  These are all things we should consider.

At the Dawson Funeral Home, we have elected to continually raise the standard of funeral service in this area.  We provide the very best combination of service, merchandise and facilities we can in hopes that people value what we do and how we do it.  Obviously, there is a cost to conducting a business this way and we must charge appropriately.  We just need to make sure we earn it.

Compare reputation: Who do people consistently recommend? And why? We invite you to visit and compare, or talk to the families we’ve served.  Compare people: Do they listen? Are they thoughtful? Are they helpful?  But most of all, take the time to compare.

F. Dike Dawson


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